Tattoo Aftercare

The healing process goes faster if you take care of your tattoo!

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Wear the plastic for 3-5 hours or leave the plastic on overnight if you do not have sensitive skin. Wash with a mild soap like Lactacyl.

It is important to clean the tattoo as carefully as possible so that all wound fluid releases. Then allow the tattoo to air dry before applying a thin layer Ink Eeze.

Wash your tattoo morning and evening. If you feel that the tattoo feels dry during the healing, lubricate it once more, however, it is important to wash it clean beforehand!

If you do not clean your tattoo properly, there is the risk that you may get inflammation / infection in it, as tattoos are open wounds and must be treated accordingly.

Crust formation usually takes a few days and after about 4-7 days the tattoo is usually healed, ie the crust has loosened. It is important that you do not peel on the crust as it is part of the tattoo and if itching or pills on the crust there is a risk of infection or poor healing. When the tattoo heals, you peel off your skin, so don’t worry.


You are responsible for the healing of your tattoo, follow the advice your tattooist gives you and avoid listening to friends who think they know better.

If necessary, the tattoo is free of charge within two months.

Important to consider before the tattoo is healed:
– Don’t mess or itch!
-Don’t wear clothes or anything else that can scratch the tattoo
-No sun, swimming, solarium, sauna or workout during the first week
-Don’t forget to wash your hands before taking the tattoo!

NOTE! When the tattoo is healed and you are going out into the sun, do not forget high sun protection factor.

We wish you all the best with your new tattoo from Zoi Tattoo!

We use Ink Eeze

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