Tattoo removal with laser

Before treatment you should be sure that you have not exposed the area of the skin to be treated to exposure to sunlight for at least 14 days before treatment begins. Skin should not be infected or irritated before treatment. Also make sure you are not suffering from any other infection such as getting a cold etc. Certain types of pigments can prove difficult to remove, and may therefore require further treatment.

The first week after treatment the area may become swollen, reddened and ulcerated and itching can also occur. The treated area must be kept clean and dry.

Never touch the treated skin, as scarring and an unnecessary risk of infection may result. The laser itself does not scar.

If infection should occur visit your the nearest Health Centre or doctor immediately for treatment.

Subsequent treatment sessions may be required to remove all traces of pigment. They it can be made no earlier than 6-8 weeks after the previous session depending on how well the skin has healed and responded to treatment.

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